Genie Mini Will Not Hold 4k Setting... - DirecTV

Every day when I first turn on the TV/Genie, the 4k box on the Mini is unchecked and I have to select it and save it once again. When I go into the Genie Mini Settings, on over to the Resolution option, 4k is not checked (even though I had previously checked it off and saved).

  • Attempts to check it off and save it successfully always fail while I am tuned in on one of the 4K channels.
  • I switch over to an HD channel and I can check off the 4k box, then prompted to press the Info button, etc. and it saves.
  • If I am already on an HD channel when I first turn on the TV, I cannot successfully check off the 4K box and save it, I have to switch channels a couple of times before I can save the 4K setting on the box.
Is anyone else having this issue or could it be an issue with my Denon Receiver since the C61K is sending the signal through the unit then on to the TV?


Current setup:

  • HR54 on non-4K TV
  • C61K connected to a Denon AVR X4200W
  • LG OLED65G6P connected to a Denon AVR X4200W

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