Genie recording problems - DirecTV

I record programs daily on the TV Land channel to my Genie. Almost every one of these recordings experience a period of the show where the picture breaks up, the images jitters back and forth, and the sound breaks up. Lasts 10-30 seconds, clears up, and often repeats. Until the other day, this was limited to the same channel.
Direct Tv sent a tech, not really helpful, said it was the hard drive beginning to fail. Assumming he is correct, this is my question.
If I elect to get a new Genie, noting that it appears there is no way to move my recorded content to my new long does Direct TV allow me to return the old device. I'm thinking I should hook up the new one for new recordings, but continue to watch and empty the old one, then return it.

This question, "Genie recording problems," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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