Genie Remote doesn't power AV receiver on/off after pairing - DirecTV

I have paired my Onkyo TX-NR808 AV receiver to the Genie RC73 remote, but is not working properly. The receiver model is in the pairing list and accepted the code. To verify that the AV receiver was correctly paired, it asks to use the power buttons to turn the receiver off and then back on which did work as expected. I then closed the paring process. The volume button controlling the AV receiver volume is working properly. However, using the power buttons does not turn the AV receiver off, nor does it turn it on. Why do the power buttons work for the AV receiver as part of the pairing verification procedure, but not during normal operation? I tried the pairing procedure three times with the same result. Again, the volume works fine so the AV receiver is paired. By the way, the power buttons also control the TV along with the satellite receiver and work as expected.

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DiirectTV remote RC73 doesn't turn Audio Receiver On or Off

I am just curious, did you get a response from anyone. When everything was first setup it powered my TX-NR646 receiver on and off once. Later on when I tried it, it only controlled the volume. I called Direct TV technical support and we went though the setup process (3) times with the same result. It should work. I had an older model Onkyo that was setup at one time that initially would turn the receiver off and on and then it got to where it would only turn the receiver on and then I would have to the remote for the Audio receiver to turn it off. I even had a Technician come and he said that the direct tv remote would only control the volume. He told me that I would have to buy a Universal remote to control the Aucio Receiver. Somehow that doesn't really make sense.


Help Needed For Onkyo Receiver

I too have a txnr646 and I am having the same problem. What is odd for me is that it worked fine up until a week ago. I have tried to reset the remote and I get the same results, the volume works fine but will not turn the receiver on/off.

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