Geniego discontinued, loss of functionality - DirecTV

I'm sure there are things we will get with the Genie being able to stream content directly without the GenieGo, but there are also things we lost...

Ability to fast forward shows: GenieGo let you skip ahead and jump to a position in the show, so far each show I've tried to watch via the Genie streaming service says fast forward is disabled. This was a pretty important feature when your on the road and you get disconnected from your Genie and the app only gives you the option to restart the show from the beginning. Very frustrating.

Ability to access other DVRs: We have both a Genie and an older HR-24 installed. GenieGo made the content from both of these available while we traveled. So far it doesn't look like the new service will serve up the content of my HR-24, just the Genie.

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