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This question is about "Getting cable line buried?", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Is there a specific number I need to call about getting a line buried? My service was installed almost 4 weeks ago, and because something outside was broken, a crew had to come run a new cable line. I was told that day that a work order was established and they would be back to bury it properly. Two weeks later, I called and was told that they should have been out within 2 weeks of the work order. At some point, pink flags were marked, I assume to let the crew know where they could dig. A few days later, the flags were gone, but the spots were spray painted. Once the landscapers come to mow, the marks will be gone and we'll be starting all over. So- what do I have to do to get this taken care of? The ground is obviously not frozen here in Ohio in July, so there's not need to wait for a thaw! Thanks.

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