Getting lots of snow today


I am tired of digging out. With the wind I am getting drifts up to two feet. I like snow. I don't like when it freezes solid like a rock.


Just stay home... Watch some good tv... Post some here... ;) Nothing better than being able to stay home when it's freezing outside. Hope you don't have to go out too much.
Yup, same here. Dearth of rain is killing us here in SoCAL, though not as badly as the rest of the state is feeling the drought! We were able to go swimming today though!
Wow, Cali
It was chilly here in ga not to bad though...hoping for the rain to hit but nothing has fallen yet.
I will be glad for swimming weather to set in! How bad did that storm hit in Cali?
Havin' a heat wave! Getting up to 46 today, so most of the snow will melt. Then it drops to the teens rest of the week, but no snow. If we could just sliiiiiide through Feb and March we'd be in like Flint. Doesn't seem likely though. L. Michigan done froze over ...