Getting out of a DirecTV Contract without having to pay?



Is it possible to get out of a DirecTV contract and not pay the cancellation fee? I still have 4 months left on my contract but I really can't afford the service anymore.


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Not much you can do....with just 4 months left, it looks like you'd qualify for a pro-rated fee instead of the full $480. The thing is, it wouldn't make sense to cancel because you'd basically be paying to get rid of the service and receive nothing in return.


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Your contract expires in 4 months. Your best bet would probably be to downgrade to the cheapest package you can get for those last months, then cancel ASAP.


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The cheapest package is probably more than $20 so best to cancel and just pay the ETF.

You can suspend your account for a total of 6 months per year if you just want to try before making the final decision to cancel.