Question: Getting Providence, RI Stations from Narragansett, RI (newbie here)

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get the local (Providence) news from Narragansett, RI, 02882. Specifically, I would like to received WJAR (Channel 10, UHF). I am new to this and have only tried two antennas, both set-top: an old RadioShack "bunny ears" unit and a $20 "flat" "HDTV" antenna. Neither receive WJAR (or anything other that WPXQ - which does not have news), however. According to The Digital TV Transition: Reception Maps I am 32 miles from WJAR's antenna.

I honestly don't know much about antennas, but want a general idea of what I should check/build/buy. (I am willing to build an antenna if needed; appearance is not a concern.)

Thanks for your patience and help!


Indoor antenna reception past 20-25 miles is dependent on luck - mostly none.

Those stations should be a fairly easy get with the proper outdoor antenna.

Look at the RCA ANT751 or similar.
Would you mind posting the radar plot for your location from TV Fool. That will give us some idea what signal strengths you have to work with.
Right. Without TV Fool we got nothin. Indoor reception is 100% luck. You could have an open window in the direction of the station and get fabulous reception. Or you could have aluminum siding 360 with shingles of the roof, and ZIP.

The FCC is too efficient at covering up your location. All we can see is a map of the United States. TVFool gives us the data we need while hiding your exact address.


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The transmitters for most of the Providence based TV stations are located in Rehoboth, MA off Route 44. WJAR-TV 10 (NBC) is on RF 51; WLNE-TV 6 (ABC) is on RF 49; WSBE-TV 36 (PBS) is on RF 21; WPRI-TV 12 (CBS) is on RF13; and WNAC-TV (FOX) 64 is on RF 12. WLWC-TV 28 (CW) is on RF 22 and transmits from Freetown, MA which is in between Fall River and New Bedford. You would get the best reception by putting a powerful antenna from Channel Master, for example, in your attic or roof, and adding a preamp would give you optimal reception, and may even allow the reception of some Boston based TV stations. Going to and inputting your address or at least your zip code would give us the best advice for your reception needs.


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Are you limited to an indoor antenna? Your best overall results would come from having a large dual ban (VHF high/UHF) antenna pointed at a compass heading of about 30 degrees. (Something like a Winegard HD7698P) There are a ton of channels in that direction. I'd recommend an outdoor antenna, if possible, for even the Providence stations, but you might be able to get them with the right indoor antenna.