getting reception

I just bought a 42 inch and I searched for the digital channels. All I got was cbs 07-1 and nbc 02-1 and 02-2. Im from southwestern ohio. Wilmington to be exact. However when my girlfriend went to Iowa not too long ago she said there were many digital channels available. Am I going to get any more channels or is this it??? and to top it off they dont really come in that good at all. It's like I have sateillite and there is a severe thunderstorm out. Will that get better or am i doomed to the teasing of my beautiful hd going in and out forever?!!
lol. so you think it's gonna be like that forever?!! This is some government trickery b.s.!!! I just dont get it. I have like 6 other channels that come up but they get no reception at all!! i hate this. Atleast i get the playoffs in hd,lol.


You live in a rural part of Ohio and reception there ain't easy. My brother lived there so I know. :)

To make that tv worth the investment you put into it, you're gonna have to invest in a good outdoor (if possible) or indoor antenna system too.

Check out to see what stations you could get for a one time investment into a good antenna system. The cost is a bit steep up front but it's really inexpensive when compared to the cost of a cable or satellite subscription.