Ghost Whisper Season Opener


It was as good as I hoped and better than I expected. So many series get stale after a couple of years but CBS has managed to keep this one fresh and interesting considering the subject matter at hand.


Did you see it Friday night? I was so devastated when they killed off Jim, but now it seems he's coming back.....only he doesn't recognize his wife! This is going to be interesting!
I am more than upset with the show and what they have done with the writing this season. I mean killing Jim off and then writing that he jumps back in to the body of someone else who dies? Then he does not have any memories of his past life? I mean come on give me a break? Their marriage and the way they interacted with each other was half of the draw of the show! Yes they had a sort of sugary sweet relationship but they did have their problems to overcome. I have been so upset with CBS since they cancelled Jericho and Moonlight! Now this! I do not know if I even want to watch anymore. I am afraid this is the beginning of the end for the show!
What does everyone else think???? Do you agree????


I was very skeptical when they had Jim jump into Sams body too. The way they have written the storyline between Melinda and Jim/Sam is really good.

I still watch it every week. It is always interesting.