Ghostbreakers (2016) TV-PG [TVSeason] - Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime subscribers can now watch 'Ghostbreakers (2016) TV-PG [TVSeason]' through the Amazon Prime streaming service. Released on 01-14-2017 05:00 AM, 'Ghostbreakers (2016) TV-PG [TVSeason]' can be watched on Amazon Prime through devices like the Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and more.

'Ghostbreakers (2016) TV-PG [TVSeason]' Summary:
Joey Greco (Cheaters) leads a team of incompetent ghost hunters through bizarre and absurd paranormal investigations. Can they keep it together long enough to solve mysteries and guarantee the Ghostbreakers 99% paranormal-free certification?

Is 'Ghostbreakers (2016) TV-PG [TVSeason]' on Amazon Prime, currently? As of 01-14-2017 05:00 AM, yes it is.