Ghostbusters 3?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Are there any Ghostbusters fans out there? I loved the Ghostbusters movies (and the cartoons) back in the 80's! Well, it looks like Ghostbusters 3 is another step closer after hiring a couple of writers according to Variety Magazine Online and Seriously OMG...

Variety reports that the writers are going to create the script involving the four original stars, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson.

Can't wait, by the way, where has Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murrary been for the past couple of years?


Hmm, how many years has it been since Ghostbusters 2 was realeased? Its been a long time isn't it? Well I for one loved the ghostbusters with that slimey slime when I was a kid but now, I think it wears off of you. Anyway, I would still watch part 3 if ever realeased, just like good old times. :D


I did like the original Ghostbusters movie. It is rare that a sequel is as good or better than the original. To me, sequels are just a lack of effort on Hollywoods part to come out with a new, original idea.


Plenty of ghosts at the retirement home I expect. These guys were so good in these movies though. I bet they will love the chance to work together again.
So long as it's not butchered like they did to Inspector Gadget I'm happy. I mean how hard was it to try for don Adams for the role (original voice) his voice was obviously used in the ending scenes?