Gift Card Validation letter never received - DirecTV

Never received my $100 visa reward notice in the mail. Signed contract July 16/16. Called 1-800-531-5000 twice today and the first time my call was dropped ( I don't think he hung up on me but sure seemed like it) second time the lady tried to find some info and told me I had to get it validated at this # 800-508-1232 and the person I finally reach there told me I had to call the 800-531-5000 # back and tell them to send him the information he needed. Just seemed he was giving me the run around. I have no card or anything with any validation#. I spent over an hour with these people and the automated machines and got nothing done. Salesman at Igo wireless in Dayton where I bought into Direct TV told me a gift card would be mailed to me and never mentioned any of this.

This question, "Gift Card Validation letter never received," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Same thing with me. When I switched from Att uverse to direct TV the guy said I'd get a gift card in the mail within 7 days. He lied. I've called and chatted on line. Been transferred again and again. Promises made and nothing. My question now is does this negate my contract. If I cancel my service as direct TV has not complied with their end of the bargain if they could still go after me for early termination. They have the poorest customer service I've ever experienced and they lie.

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