[Gig][TX-DFW] Very slow upload speed for months. 6+ tech visits. All say it's a node issue. - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "[Gig][TX-DFW] Very slow upload speed for months. 6+ tech visits. All say it's a node issue.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi all,

I have had insanely low upload speeds and packet loss over the course of a past few months. I get around 6mbps upload speed, and single stream uploads are as low as 2mbps. I should be getting at least 35. Before the issue started happning, I was consistently getting 40+mbps upload.

So this has been going on since November, but I've been actively trying to get this fixed for over 2 months now (6+ tech visits) after it was clear it was an issue that wasn't going to fix itself.

The story at this point is insanely long but here's as short of a TL;DR I can make:


October, speeds were great. As advertised. Was using a Netgear CM1000 modem.

November I notice games/discord were saying I had a spotty connection. Did a quick speed test
and it was showing upload speed dropped to about 6mbps. Didn't look much into it.

Late December issue is still happening. I call and schedule a technician to come out. He uses his handheld test device and sees the low upload speeds but also sees my signals were coming in too hot. Puts in a maintenance request.

Early Jan I hear back and they say my signal levels were fixed. Run another speed test and nothing has changed speed-wise. I call and they confirm signals are good and send another technician out. Same tech comes by and checks all of my connections. Says all is good on my end regarding signal levels. Must be a node issue. He puts in another maintenance request.

I wait a week. Call back and support tells me I need to change to their modem or they wouldn't support me. I tried to fight back but at this point I want it resolved and agree.
Tech comes out and installs the black Ubee. Surprise, issue is not resolved. Tech says it's a node issue.

I wait a few days before calling again. I insist that I need this escalated at this point because every technician is telling me the same thing and they keep trying to send technicians to my house. They say 'we're sorry we'll send a supervisor tech that can help you escalate it'.

Supervisor tech comes by. Except it was the same tech that was over a few visits ago. I send him off.


At this point.. What the heck am I supposed to say or do to get this issue resolved?!

[Gig][TX-DFW] Very slow upload speed for months. 6+ tech visits. All say it's a node issue.?