Give Amazon Prime this Christmas....Or Keep It for Yourself

#1 is one of my favorite ways to shop for Christmas. Today, I discovered a new and exciting gift offered on for your friends and loved ones. Amazon is now allowing Amazon Prime (including instant video) to be gifted to another individual straight from your Amazon account. For $79.99, you can give another the gift of a year’s supply of Amazon Prime.

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Amazon Prime has several exciting features; the most prominent of these are the free two-day shipping, Instant Video, and the Kindle Lending Library.

The Amazon Prime free two-day shipping applies to millions of items available. Additionally, there is no minimum order size for the free shipping, as opposed to Amazon’s free “Super Saver Shipping,” which required $35.00 worth of purchases before the free shipping is applicable.

Amazon Instant Video is a lot like Netflix, allowing you to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. I have even found that it has even more updated TV shows and movies, making way for a possible better deal than Netflix. With movies such as The Wolverine and Man of Steel and TV shows like The Walking Dead and Duck Dynasty, it is evident that the newest and most popular titles are available. With Amazon Instant Video, you can buy or rent over 150,000 movies and TV episodes as well as stream over 40,000 programs. So, if you would like to keep a movie digitally on your device, you can purchase it directly through your Amazon Prime account.

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The news gets even better: You are able to stream Amazon Instant Video through your Roku device, making for fast loading times and an easy interface. Amazon Instant Video can be added to your channels on Roku. By using (or gifting!) Roku and Amazon Prime with Instant Video, you are getting the most efficient, up to date set-up available for movie and television viewing.

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Additionally, if you own a Kindle and enjoy reading, Amazon Prime offers a free book to borrow monthly from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library found on The library contains more than 350,000 book titles.

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Amazon has also covered all of its bases. If you decide to give Prime as a gift and the recipient is already a Prime member, they can quickly and easily exchange Prime for an Amazon gift card.

Whether you would like to gift the Amazon Prime account or keep it for yourself, Amazon Prime is most definitely worth the annual $80.00. With all of its features and the Instant Video, it will pay for itself in no time.

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