Give me the dish on Dish Network


I like Dish Network. It is a great price too. Once in a while I have problems with signal, in bad weather, but it is not very often, and it usually comes back up quickly.


The Mod Squad
How does it compare to Direct TV? We're looking for the most HD programming.
Basically its pretty close. Dish a little bang for the buck. Dish tends to play hardball with the channel providers so they don't carry some things you may be interested in.

Example: Are you a Yankee fan in the New York City DMA? Forget about it! Dish does not carry YES Network may not ever. I heard YES wanted either a deal where Dish would need to raise the price of everyone in the NYC area by $4.00 whether they wanted YES or not or $1.00 for everyone across the entire country!

Tell us where you are and maybe we can help you a little better. Just a zip code will help.

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