Glasses-free 3D LCD TVs likely by 2015

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Glasses-free 3D LCD TVs likely by 2015

From the article:

"Consumers will likely see 3D LCD TVs that don't require people to wear polarized glasses out on global markets by 2015, according to a Taiwanese research group that showed off an early version of such a device this week.

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) displayed a 42-inch glasses-free 3D LCD TV this week, and the company can currently make them with screens as large as 65 inches, according to Stephen Jeng, director of ITRI's 3D System & Application Division." ...


Finally. Wouldn't it be a bugger if early adopters of 3D HDTV's (with shutter glasses) end up with outdated technology in the next year. ;)


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Never been an early adopter, never will. I don't want to be stuck with a useless (and expensive) gadget, like HD-DVD. Or betamax!

I've heard that the "no glasses" 3d TV has a pretty small sweet spot right down the center.

IMHO, I think that a projection TV (basically, 2 projectors, each projecting the right or left polarized image) would be the way to go for 3D. This is how the theaters do it. It would have a good view angle, and requires no new technology. You would still need polarized glasses, but they wouldn't have to be shuttered. Very cheap, and you could buy 20 pairs of glasses for the price of 1 pair of shuttered glasses - with enough cash left over for a couple movies!
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I'm glad to see this too but will probably wait to jump on the 3D bandwagon as well. I'm waiting for hologram HDTV.

How many guys you think would never leave the house if they had that and a stack of porn? :cheesy:
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