Good Cartoons

What has happened to all of the good cartoons? It seems like a lot of the cartoons are nothing more than 30 minute ads promoting their merchandise.


Like many other things, cartoons change over time to best reflect what the vast majority of the folks who watch that type of programming consider "good".


If you really want to see the old cartoons that were funny, there is a channel called Boomerang. Its purpose is to air the cartoons for those of us who only had them available on Saturday mornings once upon a time.


Do we listen? Nah. Everyone says that what they're offering is good. It is still up to us to say yay or nay, and so unless we're morons, what we spend our time on is pretty-much the same as what we consider "good".


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Sounds like we are saying the same thing. They give us a new opinion. If people like it they keep it.

It's the way you see people I guess. Many things are tried to see what people like, the ones that stick are kept. I can say I personally never thought rap music was more than a phase, not the new broad genre it became.

I watch a lot of kid shows with the grandkids. One can say the tweens are watching what they like. One can say they are forcing teen values on tweens.


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Children's programming has long been a tool for merchandisers to sell their wares, but you're right that it is now worse than ever. I do like to go into On Demand and watch some of the classics that are shown there.


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Sesame Street certainly has done its job. I was never really a watcher as a kid of any of those kind of shows, but I chuckle because I've been known to tune in Sesame Street as an adult just for the heck of it.