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I've been reading this forum recently to learn more about my system and how it works. I've recently had to replace my main TV after the old one failed with a screen display issue.

I'm on a relatively tight budget and I ended up buying a 55" TCL 4K UHD Roku based TV. I was on X1 HD and also use multiple streaming apps such as amazon prime, netflix, etc. I was able to watch 4K content from streaming, but I found out my X1 was limited to 1060p with an XG1v3 box.

The next thing was to replace my blue ray. I had an issue where it would power on and off on it's own and often failing while watching a disk. I shopped around and decided on a sony ubp-x700. I picked up a few 4k UHD disc and also set up some streaming apps, although I already had most apps thru Roku. I already had a pretty good LG sound bar and surround speakers, so I was set up pretty well for 4K.

The only thing left was to upgrade my Xfinity to pick up 4K UHD thru the TV box. I wanted the DVR version. After alot of research from all of you knowledgeable forum posters, I learned the the X1Gv4 would fit my needs. The other option, the Xi6, didn't have DVD, and the input source was all streaming cable, and not the coax signal.

I read that it seemed difficult early on for users to obtain a 4k box from Xfinity. I called my Xfinity CSR to ask. She was extremely patient, helpful, and a good tech knowledge. She checked with several other people to find out how to get one, and how to install it. Based on my current setup, The XG1v4 should just plug and play replacing the XG1v3. We decided against having a tech visit and install to save the fee. I didn't particularly want to have it shipped and return the old one. Fortuneately, we found some in stock in only one (out of maybe 6 or 7 local) location.

The next day, I disconnected the old X1 box. I was suprised that my secondary box, and RNG150, was still connected and able to watch both live and DVR source data without the primary being hooked up. Of course all of the Roku and DVR based source was still running fine.

I went to the local Xfinity store. The CSR was free and helped me right away. The whole process literally only took a minute or two for her to scan and update my acct and handed me the new box kit, which was just the TV box, XR11 remote w/batteries, and the power brick.

When I got home a check my acct online and found the new box already pointing to my account. Plug it into the existing cables, powered up, followed the simple setup steps, and just like that I had my 4K Xfinity X1 working. BTW, the streaming X1 (beta) app set up thru Roku was really as good and as fast as the content thru the the new box.

The only minor issue I and was getting the XR11 to connect to TV Box, then paired to the TV. I had an extra XR15, and that paired up on the first attempt. After a few tries, the XR11 finally worked.

Just a pleasant experience overall made much better by learning from you guys about how things work. If you're thinking about upgrading, it can be a very simple experience with no initial fees, and my existing bill will be the same going forward.



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