Good flat screen for kids?


We are looking for a good priced yet good quality flat screen for our daughter for Christmas. I even thought about just getting her a regular tv since they are going for cheap now, but thought better against it. Anyhow, can anyone suggest a decent flat screen with minimal functions that would just be used mainly by a kid to play some games every now and then and watch a few movies/shows every once in a while?


I will suggest yu to checkup with the festive range from Sony.They have reduced the rates as Christmas is around the corner. A normal sized flat TV is priced quite nominal these days.
Sony's are always a nice choice for quality, but you pay extra for it too. A child is never going to tell the difference between the quality or name brand of TV's, so you may want to consider something a bit cheaper.

I'd have to recommend buying from Best Buy or Costco along the lines of a Vizio or Olivia television. They'll last for years, and if your kids get to roudy and break them, you can replace them for pretty cheap.

Are you going to be mounting it to a wall? I've seen a few horror stories on the net of kids getting clobbered by a 30-40 pound TV after knocking it off the wall.
Sony or LG is a good choice...if you are worried about price, definitley go to either Target or Walmart because they seem to have the best prices on TVs...also wait until Black Friday they have great deals!


many slim models are available in lg.its prize is also economical.many additional features are also there.sound output is superb.we can easily compare with other television sets.


I suggest you to check for sony and they would have reduced the price for the festival. Sony had a large collection and their own technology for better screen resolution and clarity.