Good TV shows on Netflix (2019)


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What's everyone's favorite tv shows on Netflix for 2019?
Here's a little write up on what I think is good.

With thousands of movies to choose from and a navigation system that may not always make the right suggestions, it is very easy to get lost in your Netflix account. Titles are always being added and removed regularly to keep content fresh and to keep you interested. However, Netflix's algorithm sometimes forces too many movies vying for your attention, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some movies that will let you cut to the chase.

If you are looking for an 80s genre, then you're going to enjoy Stranger Things. If a collection of sci-fi work is more up your lane, then check out Black Mirror and its litany of thought-provoking episodes. Want to know about the unique perspective of women in the US prison system? Then Orange Is the New Black is for you. If you're into comic book adaptations, then the Umbrella Academy is for you. Here are 9 other recommended shows that you can watch during your next Netflix session:

Bloodline. This show is set in the Florida Keys, with the show focusing on a family of four whos secrets are revealed when their black sheep brother returns.

The Ranch. Set in Colorado, this comedy series stars Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott. The show follows Kutcher's descending career in semi-professional football.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This is more than just a funny show — it is a silly yet intelligent sitcom set in a New York City precinct.

Good Girls. This is a dark show about three mothers who rob a grocery store and have to deal with repercussions of their actions.

When They See Us. This is a vital retelling of the Central Park five case, which saw several Hispanic and black teens wrongfully convicted of a rape that took place in 1989. It's heavy, raw, and emotional.

The Crown. This is one of the more expensive television programs that Netflix has ever conjured up, with the drama exploring the rise of Queen Elizabeth II from princess to Monarch.

The Staircase. This is a retelling of an original true crime documentary about the trial of Michael Peterson. Originally airing back in 2004, Netflix acquired the rights to this movie and released a series with an additional three episodes which dig deeper into the case.

Making a Murderer. This is one of Netflix's most popular shows since the 10 part documentary premiered in December 2015. The series follows a Wisconsin man who served almost 20 years in prison after being wrongfully accused of murder.
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