Good Week for NASCAR and the Oscars: Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, Ellen DeGeneres!


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It's been an interesting week for fans of NASCAR and those of Oscars. No, they are not really connected except for the fact that they have fascinated me. It began with a rain delay start to the racing season last week. I had DVR'd the event, allowing a full six hours of time for the race. Who knew the rain delay itself would be over six hours? Yep, I missed the actual race which means I didn't see Dale Earnhardt Jr. win his second Daytona 500. What I did see, though, was all the hoopla surrounding Dale Jr. joining Twitter as a result of the win. It's been a week now and a check of his Twitter page shows that as I type this, he has 566,635 followers. Not bad. If you care to join the posse, you can find his page at

I was actually more intrigued by driver Jeff Gordon's acting prowess as he once again donned makeup to take someone out for an unsuspectingly fast drive. This time the victim was blogger Travis Okulski who had been vocal about the original video having been faked. To prove it wasn't, Gordon essentially did the same thing to Okulski. Read about it at They also have the video in the story. In just three days, the video on YouTube already has 11,631,755 hits! Now that's darn good!

This brings us to tonight's Oscar telecast, lengthy as always and hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, who really does have a knack for being an entertaining master of ceremonies. She had some great bits, including walking on stage dressed as the Good Witch from 'The Wizard of Oz' and a multi-segment gag involving pizza. She began by asking the celebrity audience who would eat a pizza if she ordered it. Then she got specifics to place the order, and that was followed by her handing out the pizza with a bit of help from Brad Pitt. The delivery driver clearly had the time of his life.

Another segment had Ellen taking a selfie and posting it on Twitter. The selfie, however, was a spontaneous accumulation of current Hollywood A-listers, including Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep. The upload literally broke Twitter, crashing the site from the overload the tweet caused. Details are outlined here:

My favorite moment of the Oscars, though, was the memorial segment. For once, I feel like they really did it right. Those memorialized were seen in a lovely montage that moved at the right pace as the music to 'Somewhere in Time' played melodically in the background. Not until the entire segment was done did Bette Midler walk onto the stage and sing one of the most powerful and emotional renditions she's ever done of 'The Wind Beneath My Wings.' The audience stood at the end and Midler was overwhelmed from the response. It was beautiful and for the first time when a singer performed in a memorial segment that I can remember, viewers were able to pay respect to those who have passed while also fully appreciating the talents of the singer. There was no division of vision and no debate on where the camera should be, on those who died or the performer. Bravo Academy!

The full list of Oscar winners can be found here: Breaking News_now_knordyke

Overall, it was a good week for both racing fans and lovers of film.

Thomas G

Ellen was great, but did you see what she said to Liza Minnelli? lol,

“And I have to say one of the most amazing Liza Minnelli impersonators I have seen in my entire life,”

“Good job, sir.”
Yeah, I thought that was really funny while we were watching the Oscars! I liked the pizza delivery part too...especially how she had Brad Pitt handing out plates!


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Pizza guy was tipped about $1000 for real. Ellen did give him all that money. The story I read after said she'd collected about $600 from the celebs in the audience and then she kicked in about $400 herself. Not a bad tip!