Goodbye, Abby :(

Well, with Abby gone, all of the "originals" have now left... and so I will not be watching save for the season finale. Abby was one of my favourites, but now that she's gone, along with Mark, Elizabeth, and Carey, I think "PSSH crap" and turn it off. :eek: :p I'm not sure if I was touched by her goodbye scene with the "name on the wall" thing, or creeped out. :p Morris--I used to despise his character, but love how he's developed now... it was sweet watching him say his goodbyes to Abby. :)
I know I thought the name on the wall thing was very strange too. I do not remember anyone else doing that in the past. I thought the whole episode with her leaving was very strange and not in good taste to be honest. I really hated the fact that they wrote her out so soon! I wanted her and Luka to stay at least until the show was over. I will have to say as a fan from the start that the writers and producers have always made the new characters keep my interest and made me learn to love them in ways that kept me from leaving the show!