Goodbye Walter Cronkite

A man that gave something of his 92 years on this earth. Wow, I remeber watching him as a kid on our black and white TV with a whole three channels. (But it did have rabbit ears!) Thank you Walter for an era of news.


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He will be missed by many. Including myself.

And as he would have said: "And that's the way it is. July 17, 2009. Goodnight."

Farewell to our good friend.
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I remember seeing him sitting in his news room at the cape when Apollo 11 took off. He got up from his chair and ran around. Afterward he said he didn't expect the intense vibration and how loud it was. He was shaken. The good days of live TV...

I saw the only night launch of a Saturn V from the pier at Cocoa Beach if anyone knows the lay out. The Pier is still there. I was about 8 miles away looking over the Atlantic out to the cape. wow.... Space shuttles are lame in comparison (seen them up close also). The Saturn lit up the sky like day light (burned kerosene and lox) with a yellow flame. A about 30 seconds later was a deafening roar. Freaking impressive.

Makes me realize in so many ways we have progressed little in my life. Greed took over in the 1980's and all progress by man nearly ground to a halt, unless it benefited Wall street.

DTV is cool. But I was home in 1969, 40 years before the transition and watched live TV from the moon....