Google Launches 'Google Nose beta', Something Smells Funny About it

Google launches new product just in time for the 1st of April

On the tail end of the news about the launch of the voice note taking product, Google Keep, Google has launched a new product: Google Nose.

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Extension of search

Google Nose isn't a standalone product, it is more of an extension to search, much like Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, etc. You'll notice the Google Nose option after doing a search. It is still in Beta however.

This exciting new product takes into account the olfactory system for search. Brilliant! Not everyone "looks" for information. People sometimes make decisions based on how something smells, or they want the ability to smell something across the globe, now they can.

Information Curation

Information has been put together to pair photos and aromas, with vivid descriptions. Want to know what a fresh cut lemon smells like, or fresh cut grass, or rotten eggs? Check the Google Aromabase.

You simply run your query, choose your smell and download the "scentibyte."

The great thing is that it is cross-platform compatible, but they do caution that "Due to technological constraints, not all smells are compatible with all devices." So that means that it works (for the most part, because it is still beta), on Macs and PCs alike. Mobile devices are not exempt, and even Linux users can get a whiff of what's going on.

Video: Introducing Google Nose

Listen to Product Manger, John Wooly describe this new search feature


Scented services

This new technology serves many applications including "scratch and sniff online books," and the advertising platform "AdScent for Business."

To try it out, visit Google, run your query, and choose "Nose" from the tool bar near the top of the page.

Hurry and try it. While Google knows how to launch a product, it sure knows how to axe a product too (still sad about Google Reader being eliminated, I am), so catch it while it is still there in case it doesn't make it out of Beta.

And for the record, no I am not that gullible, Michelle nose what's up :) Would be very cool though huh?!