Google Wants E-Mail Scanning Information Blocked


I suppose it is very difficult to keep any electronic communication private now.

Google Inc. (GOOG), the world’s largest Internet-search provider, is seeking to black out portions of a transcript from a public court hearing that includes information on how it mines data from personal e-mails.

Google, fighting a lawsuit claiming its interception of e-mails amounts to illegal wiretapping, asked U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh in a filing yesterday to redact “confidential” information from the transcript, without being more specific. The main revelation at the Feb. 27 hearing was the existence of “Content Onebox,” used by Google to intercept e-mails for targeted advertising and to build user profiles, Sean Rommel, a lawyer for plaintiffs, told the judge at the time.
Google’s latest move to keep records in the case out of public view comes as Koh is weighing a request by companies including National Public Radio, New York Times Co. and Washington Post Co. to unseal other key documents filed earlier that the company contended were too sensitive to be revealed.

I suggest something like this is all about greed. Scanning our e-mails so they can feed us ads? Can a company ever say "We have enough money-lets not rummage through private communications." If you worked for a company that did this would you be comfortable?

Here is the Bloomberg article
Well, when we sign up for free email like with Gmail...we get what we pay for! Ie, we pay for Gmail by letting them scan our email, etc. Would be interesting to see what we would get charged if they couldn't do this!


I really don't care about the state of exposure that people have in the internet at the moment. I don't have anything to hide, so if Google, or the NSA, wants to filter through any of my stuff, or spy on me wherever I am, go ahead, as long as information on me isn't being leaked to the public. It could help catch those that are participating in illegal activities.

However, at what point will the line stopped being moved further into what the government and corporations can't do? That's the only thing that worries me.