Gordon Smith on Draft Spectrum Bill


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From The Article:
For the most part, NAB President Gordon Smith likes the House Energy and Commerce Committee's incentive auction bill that would empower the FCC to auction TV spectrum and share the proceeds with stations that voluntarily gave up their spectrum for the auction.

But, in testimony today before the committee, Smith said he would like to see a couple of little changes made before it becomes law.

As written, the legislation would require the FCC to make "reasonable efforts" to preserve the coverage areas of the TV stations that choose not to give up their spectrum. Smith said he would prefer stronger language that would require the FCC to preserve coverage to "the maximum extent possible."

He also requested that the final bill include a requirement that the FCC use the same signal protection criteria that it did when it shifted broadcasters to digital service two years ago.

Smith characterizes his requests as a matter of preserving viewer access to over-the-air signals...

..."I believe these viewers deserve more than just "reasonable efforts."

Smith said he was heartened by other provisions in the bill, particularly those that say no TV station would be forced into the VHF band as part of the channel "repacking" that would follow the auction, that stations would be reimburse for the cost of moving their channel during repacking and that there would be no future auctions of TV spectrum.
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