Got A Wal-Mart Gift Card? Check Out These Electronics

So Christmas is over and you got a lot of stuff, right? If you are still in need of electronic ideas and you happen to have a WalMart gift card or two, you’re in luck and there are some great electronics that you can get at a great price if you know where to look. I’ll show you a few of the best options.

-iPad 2 With WiFi - $389

You might not have known that you wanted one, but the first time that you played with an iPad you realized that you absolutely have to have one. All of the famous apps from the iPhone are here, along with plenty of extra ones, to make sure that you can handle every aspect of your life from this one incredible little device. Whether you are a businessman on the go or a college student that wants an easier way to kill time during class, this is a perfect option.

-TomTom START 5” GPS - $99

In the past few years, it has become impossible to get anywhere without having a GPS unit. TomTom is the biggest name in the game and is relied upon by million of people. Even if they don’t have an actual GPS unit, they still use the TomTom app on their iPhone. For under $100, though, you can get anywhere in the world without the trouble of getting lost in the wilderness.

-HP Chromebook - $349

Chomebooks are getting more and more popular and HP has made one of the newest and best options. This 14” Chromebook comes with a 1.4GHz processor, 4GB of ram, and a 16GB solid state drive. That might not seem like the most impressive stats compared to other laptops, but the use of Chrome and the cloud storage makes it incredibly powerful. The solid state drive in particular means that you will never have to wait to have access to a file and will always have all of your information at your fingertips.

-LG 24” 720p HDTV - $148

This HDTV is a great deal anyway, but when you have a gift card to pay for it with, you can’t overlook it. At 24”, it isn’t the largest television in the house, but it is a high quality TV that makes a great addition to your bedroom, or even as a second computer monitor if you like. It comes with a USB input that can play almost any video or music file and makes it easy to add all of your content to your new television.

-Canon Black PowerShot Digital Camera - $349

Canon continues to be one of the biggest names in cameras and this point and shoot camera is part of the next wave of technology. Walmart has it for under $350 and that price gets you a 12 megapixel image and also a 5X optical zoom. For the price, that can’t be beat and will outlast almost any other digital camera that you can buy in this price range.

If you have a WalMart gift card, these are the best options for you. There are plenty of other items in these gigantic stores, and online stores, but if you wan’t to spend your gift card on something great, take a look at the above.

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