got new antenna for dtv


DTVUSA Jr. Member
thanksd fot the answers. we did get a new antenna for dtv, seems to pick up a few more channels, but some dont come in good, says no signal, and some channels keep breaking up yet, not good reception yet. what can i do to get the channels to come in good and not break up, i get 5 channels now, but cant seem to get them in good yet. do i need a outdoor antenna maybe?, cos our garage is blocking the signal i think, plus being on the lower floor apt. what can i do, need help here. i do live 34 miles away from rockford, illinois and 30 some from madison too. im just not liking this digital tv at all, cos i cant get good reception here at all, says no signal lots on my channels. altho this new antenna for dtv seems to bring more channels in, but cant get the signal good tho, need answers here please, getting frustrated with this new change. is it cos not all channels are digital yet?? thanks for ur answers.