Government DTV Dollars at work: Nascar "DTV" Sponsor


I'm not one to argue with the fact that spreading the word about the digital transition isn't cheap.

I just don't think I can agree with the FCC's decision to buy advertising on a Nascar race car. The sponsored vehicle is NASCAR team No. 38 and the sponsorship is for three races. Their total investment was $350,000.00 which added the words "Are you ready for digital?" on its hood, along with the date of the digital transition which is February 17th, 2009. Their's a little blurb about it in the Washington Post with a hasty title, "Will DTV Transition Crash and Burn?". Apparently the #38 car hit the wall and finished 32nd place this past weekend.


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LOL, come on, they have to hit some different demographics. Don't be busting on my Nascar! :) and $350K is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of running DTV commercials during primetime on national networks.


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Well I guess they figure those are the people who are using analog anyway....not! But where did that advertising dollar come from. I guess it is a way for the government to sponsor a car right.


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The crashing NASCAR car funded by pork is pretty appropriate in this case. These clowns can’t even mail out a coupon — it has been a month for me and still no coupon.

Most (more than 50%) government employees are basically stealing their paycheck. They are getting paid way more than they could make in private sector jobs. And they cannot be fired.

And they are sticking the taxpayers with the bill. Get a real job. Or at least do your job. One or the other.
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