Government would br fired in the real world


The program cards had an expiration date on them that was
a bad idea from the onset............on my was december 2008 california the conversion was to take place in february 2009.
Any expiration should have at least gone into 2009 after the
conversion was to start.

Such blunders never survive in the real world..........people
working in the private sector know that is true.

All existing cards should be honored now......end of problem
........solution offered ....... Or extend all experation dates to december 2009....end of problem.
This is a classic "government is the problem" syndrome example.


I agree, why can’t they take the expired cards with an I.D. We live 18 mi.from the nearest store (there are a total of three)that carry them in this N.W.Wi.Community. Our Walmart got them in the day after coupons expired. We are elderly and on fixed income. We can’t understand why, the govrnmt let this happen when the coupons were suppose to help with the expense. (Imagine what it cost for fancy plastic cards that are now useless ?)Maybe they’ll come up with an idea yet, let’s be hopeful!