Greedy Corparation - DirecTV

Me and my family recently switched from Time Warner Cable due to them constantly adding charges to our bills for services we both do not use or even have acess to. The change was quick and simple however, it hasn't even been a season and we are already having major issues with AT&T. The main issues is the bills, unlike normal companies AT&T does not seem to like mailing people the bill as we have yet to ever recieve a bill or ever more advertisment for services we could care less about. AT&T seems to focus of doing everything by E-mail which checking our g-mail is not really something in our schedule as we usualy just have it because other services recquire it but the Major issue is for a long time AT&T never sent us a bill by mail or e-mail so we never really knew when we had to pay and how much they just tend to basically when the time comes just rip the amount from my dad's credit card without even leaving a bit of a notice saying "Hey we're taking what you owe us we don't care if this was going to be for food or rent because it's ours now" and well latly what has been annoying us off is that even after they would take the money from my dad's credit card they would still claim that we owe them money and after a somewhat furious phone call have yet to fix the matter as they would claim that they had sent us notification which would be a complete and other lie as my G-mail ( the one we gave them) was pretty much emptie only until recently have they been sending us the "bill" but it really doesn't explain how we are still past due even after they tooken the money out of the card and we again payed them even more. All I want to know is if this situation can be handled or are we going have to bring this under investigation. Also what's with addinga hundred dollar fine to our acount just because the card that we had on the list was closed( due to recent events my dad had to get a new card ) just because they couldn't freely take my dad's money whenever they all wanted they have to get all fissy and throw such a idoitic fine on us?

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