Greetings from San Antonio with a puzzle


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I just discovered free HDTV when I took off my cable TV. I just wished I knew this years ago. And now the list I made:

From AntennaWeb list for my location.

I got:

04.1-2-x-x-x-x yel-14 miles-107 degree
05.1-2-3-x-x-x yel-14 miles-107 degree
09.1-2-3-4-x-x yel-08 miles-091 degree
12.1-2-x-x-x-x yel-15 miles-106 degree
14.x-x-x-x-x-x grn-08-miles-354 degree
17.1-2-3-x-x-x yel-25 miles-357 degree
19.1-2-3-4-x-x yel-08 miles-354 degree
23.1-2-3-4-5-x grn-07 miles-360 degree
24.1-2-3-4-x-x yel-14 miles-100 degree
26.1-2-3-4-5-6 red-39 miles-301 degree
28.x-x-x-x-x-x grn-08 miles-354 degree
29.1-2-x-x-x-x yel-14 miles-101 degree
34.x-x-x-x-x-x grn-07 miles-360 degree
35.1-2-x-x-x-x yel-31 miles-309 degree
41.1-2-3-x-x-x yel-14 miles-100 degree
46.1-2-x-x-x-x grn-08 miles-091 degree
51.x-x-x-x-x-x grn-08 miles-354 degree
60.1-2-3-x-x-x yel-14 miles-100 degree

On my list but cannot get:

16.1 yel 14 miles 101 degree
10.1 grn 08 miles 354 degree
20.x grn 14 miles 340 degree
31.x grn 08 miles 353 degree
42.x grn 25 miles 006 degree
02.1 blu 56 miles 353 degree
06.x blu 08 miles 354 degree

San Antonio 78221 HDTV on air using GE enhanced HDTV 12940 rated 25 miles (mounted on wall outside)

It's an indoor rabbit ears type but it's temporary as I'm looking for a good antenna.

What I don't get are those that are pretty much in the same area and distance. Why not? I understand about the blue meaning I need a stronger antenna. Will this pull in the others?

Thanks guys. :)
The KHCE listing on AntennaWeb appears to be a mistake should be listed as 23.1 RF channel 16.
KBNB 10.1 the only programing information I could find on that one said infomercials. You might not be missing much there if it's on the air. It is a low power VHF signal which could be a problem with an indoor antenna.
I did take time to look up the rest of your missing channel list I didn't see anything missing that would bother me too much. You have a very good selection of strong signals. I would put up a small high VHF/UHF combo antenna plan to spend some time experimenting with aim and call it good. I would suggest the RCA ANT751r, or Antennacraft HBU11.


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I found the TV list at Comparing the list to my haves and have nots I'm not missing anything except for 2.x. I'll get that antenna though.

Thanks all. :)
Best information I can find KCWX 2.1 should have a San Antonio area transmitter on real channel 8 high VHF, and should be receivable with an out side antenna that has high VHF capability. It shows as line of sight with good signal strength on your TV fool report. From my research I'm not certain if they actually have that one on the air. If you really want to look into more information use
By clicking on the call sign you can view more information, and by clicking on the links that opens up you can gather even more information.


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very interesting, thanks for the link. I think I'm better off getting a medium omni-direction antenna. Channel 26.x shows a weak signal but good pictures and sounds and the only one in the red. The rest are yellow and green. I don't think I have any hope of pulling in 2.x which could be due to terrain.


KCWX 2.1 is a low powered station in the low VHF range, yet TV Fool shows it as having decent signal strength at your location. Just pointing this out since you may need a low band VHF antenna to get that one channel or due to it's signal strength (NM 32.+) being pretty good the suggested antennas mentioned above my bring it in.
Most of your signals are so strong about any antenna will work. One of the first things most discover is that most so called omni-directional antennas are not truly omni-directional, and still need to be carefully located and aimed for optimal reception. I have never recommended an omni, but have spent plenty of time advising those who tried one on what might work better. An omni-directional antenna receives equally poorly in all directions. With strong signals all antennas will receive some off of the back and sides.
Part of the problem you are having is there is no internet source of information that is 100% accurate as to what is really on the air. Between, and TV Fool you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Keep in mind most analog signals listings shown on TV Fool are long gone or soon will be. Broadcasters and broadcast networks come and go. Broadcast equipment does break down.


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I see. So if I get the directional antenna such as those you suggested will I still get the others? As I can see from the map the towers are in the range of 301 to 107 degrees so I aim the antenna in between?


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I got this antenna at Home Depot, Winegard FreeVision FV-30BB HDTV Antenna, and installed it 7 feet high on the outside wall by my bedroom window.

I went through the channels deleting the unwanted ones and got 23 channels (counting the subs) all in the green signal strength.

Good enough for me so thanks for your help.


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I hooked up my sis's TV to her roof top antenna (same house). It's about 25-30 feet high and hers didn't pull in any more than mine did with the rabbit ears which pretty much surprised me. She did not get channel 2.x that I was hoping it would.

I had that antenna I got on the list with the others. I bought it because it was available at my local Home Depot for $35. It has a 30 mile range and it did pull in the weak channels better. It's all green now and I got 23 good channels. Plenty to watch. :)

Oh yeah, the antenna is on the East wall (facing East).
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I was editing my channel lineup on TitanTV and it doesn't show 23.x and 24.x. I tried to add them by their call name but not matched.

23.x KTDF-LP
24.x KGMM-CD

Any ideas?


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Those stations are not showing any data for network affiliation on What networks are you seeing on them?

Using RabbitEars.Info, look for a listing for the same networks in a different market, but still in your time zone, and use that station's listings in place of 23.x and 24.x. Just edit the channel details.