Grey's Anatomy: Do you miss Preston Burke?


I was shocked to hear that Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke) was not on Grey's anatomy season 3, right? Then I saw this article saying he was reported to have used an anti-gay slur. Wow. What a news.
I guess even celebrities pay the price for sticking their foot in their mouths. But there was a mention of his having had difficulties with other cast members as well. I guess it all just mounted up and the show said bye bye.


I haven't heard of any such news before. It sure is a shock. I loved him on the show! I hope they bring in a good replacement to fill in for him :)
He really is good eh? I sure miss him but that's the price for having social issues. I hope the upcoming season would be as great as the previous ones. :)


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I loved the show the first season or two but I have lost interest in the past year. I liked Burke's character though and hate to see him leave the show.


My wife and I certainly do Doctor Burke. He was one of our favorite characters on the show. Does anyone know why he left the show. Was it his own decision or was he forced off the show?
me too i love this show... sadly Burke was out, but still i continue watching the show. i have the season 1,2 and now with season 3. just love what there doing.


I didn't really care for Preston at all when he was on the show. The only part I liked was when he was going to marry Christina.

I don't miss him one bit.
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