Grey's Anatomy season finale


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Lots of crazy stuff happening in the season finale last night on Grey's Anatomy. I haven't kept up with the whole season but glad I watched last night. Don't want to give away any details or spoilers though, just curious if anyone else saw it?


Yup, saw it.


Yeah it was not the same impact as the episode with Kyle Chandler playing ill-fated bomb squad leader Dylan Young, though it seemed clear that they were trying to achieve that same visceral reaction. But still a good episode.

I'm disappointed, in a way, that Meredith lost the baby... Given that we have seen rumors that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey are looking to step back from the series a bit, next year, it would have provided some context their being MIA a bit, if that indeed is going to be the case.

It also seemed that there was some production clean-up going on, killing off two of the four recurring characters that came into the show as part of the merger with Mercy West. The cast had gotten a bit