Grimm - Should I start now?


I lost my wife for a week when she discovered Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I missed her...
I can't see myself watching that one but who knows. I am pretty sick of this reality stuff. I mean if I wanted reality I would make some lousy friends and then have fights that involve clothing removal all on my own... LOL J/k I do watch one or two reality shows but I try to avoid most!


LOL @Marisa: I see really no point in reality TV shows, for the most part. I do have to say I do like watching the diva reality TV show tho. Just because I get to see the actual side of the WWE girls. But others like Jersey Shore and ones that are, I am sorry but really? They just make people look really stupid.

I actually have no idea what Grimm is, but maybe watch it as a marathon? Considering the weather really seems to suck today!