Question: ground block or use the ground of splitter


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i am in a dilemma , i want regularize my set up by grounding , my dilemma is have a ground block connected and a splitter for 3 televisions my question is if use the grounding of splitter would be enough or need ground, the ground block ,connected too.

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You could use either, or both.

The application of a Ground is related to suppressing Static Electricity for our Systems. Many, who don't wish to use a Block out on their Mast (if they have one) use a (in-house) splitter, and ground it to a near metal cold water pipe, like when the splitter is in the attic.

Many of the various TV's, Amps and DVR's have a third wire Ground included in the Power Cord. That usually is quite sufficient to suppress any accumulated charge on that, and any other equipment connected to it, by a Coaxial Cable, making supplemental grounding superfluous. However, if all your equipment have two wire power cords, then, I would recommend grounding by either application.

One should not make any assumption that the application of this type of grounding, has any real protection when considering a Lightning Strike, either locally or at some distance. That should be addressed by Suppression Technology.
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