Guide doesn't match actual programming for CBS and NBC



For the past several evenings I've noticed that the program being shown on CBS and NBC is NOT the program listed in the guide. I've noticed it only on these stations and only after 9 PM.

Last night, 12/28/20, the guide said that NBC was showing a repeat of a Dolly Parton movie. What was actually on was a drama with a large black cast. If I pressed Info, it gave the name of the Dolly Parton movie, not what was actually showing. The program was eligable for Restart. When I did a Restart, it showed the Dolly Parton movie. Really weird behavior.

CBS had the same symptoms. The guide said that it was showing a repeat episode of a trial drama starring Michael Weatherly (system won't let me enter it's name, says it's a bad word!!). What was actually playing was something else.

Is anyone else seeing this? Does Comcast have an explanation??

"Guide doesn't match actual programming for CBS and NBC," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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