Guide font change after update - DirecTV

Since the most recent update, the look of the guide and list changed on our Genie and the clients. Is there any way to increase the font size? It is quite difficult to see.

This question, "Guide font change after update," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Font is way too small, what was clear with old guide is now blurry. You can only adjust the size for CC! Fix this direct tv! Not everyone is still in their twenties!,


Font size choice needed for channel guide

Direct TV,
There should be an option to choose the size font we need for channel guide. Before the change it was big enough, now it is difficult to read from a distance. Every other type of electronic device I own offers a choice of font size. Why don't you?
Please correct this as soon as possible.
In the future, you might want to ask your customers for their opinions before making changes.
I hope someone from Direct TV is reading these because it is free marketing research.
You're welcome.
Hope you can use the information well.

Alexander Frigault

The new guide font size is too small and there is no option to correct it except to move my recliner closer to my TV.