"Guide" me in the right direction. I've looked all over! - XFinity

I have been all around the web from one area to another. One phone call led me to get the guide data to show up via the Cable broadcast itself (using kodi with the HD homerun prime plug in) and got my channels to show up. The other searches have left me scorched looking for the right answers and an "EASY" fix. So far no dice!

So my issues are as follows:
I have loaded up Windows Media Center on my "Windows 7" machine. Ok things at first look good. I go and "Activate" my cable card. Things seem to be rolling in the right direction. I input my zip code and find the proper "Digital" listing for my guide data... load it all up and then I go take a look. I look through my guide data provided by the lovely people over at Rovi. My guide data coming from them is extensively incomplete. I am missing all the "repeat" guide data for my HD channels right around the 770-800+ markers. To make matters worse for me when it comes to using my cable card, when I try to load up all of my HBO and other premium channels I get an error. This error says I must be subscribed. I know I am. That is what I ponied up for when I signed up!

So how do I go about getting this fixed? I have even waited an hour to try to talk to a rep via the instant message chat. Still no one wants to pick up! Any help would be great!

Bonus Notes: I do have the app for my HD homerun prime and have the latest drivers installed.
I do not believe this is a "my side of the boat" kind of issue. I would love however to at least talk with (i dont even mind how long it takes even if it is all day) a person whom can help guide me in the right direction or help just fix it and I can go on about my day.

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