Gwen Stefani to join The Voice?


Rumor is that Gwen Stefani is being tapped to join the coaches' panel on The Voice next season. Christina Aguilera is pregnant (and while I respect her decision to take a season off when she needs, Shakira did appear on The Voice while pregnant, so it's not impossible.) Also, it's unclear whether this would be a temporary or permanent move for Christina. Ceelo Green has already announced he's leaving the show permanently, with Pharrell Williams being announced as his replacement.

I will be sad to see Christina go. However, I'm also a fan of Gwen and I think she'll make a great addition to the show. I'd also really like to see all three ladies on the panel at once! That would provide an interesting change of pace.

If you watch The Voice, what do you think of these changes to the coaches? Is there anyone (who has not been on the main panel yet) who you'd like to see join?