hard drive failure - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, hard drive failure Sorry for this comment posting again but i believe i posted it in the wrong place and it is important and no email address could be found for customer service

i am going through a similar situation - my hard drive faiIed (after three weeks) i am not an electrical engineer but - with modern tech and a brain - why can't directv's web site keep a copy of everybodys recording program list so installing a new reciever would be a breeze - you go to the web site and log on and see what you had recorded and what was going to be recorded - with on demand etc. its a done deal???/ AND BY THE WAY THE INSTALLER PUT THE RECORDER ON DIRRECTLY ON TOP OF MY SURROUND SOUND AMP - a law suit and fire is surely going to happen its just a matter of time - Do Not do this like it says in the instructions and your company will save alot of hard drives and customers......... And WHY do i have to buy a extra protection program to cover direct tv's equipment that i don't even own and am renting by the month???????? Solution Please

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