Hard Time Receiving TV Signals



I was trying to get away from pay tv by connecting my TV to an old antenna. I can pick up PBS right now and that's all.

There is a tv tower across the river from my house but the trees block reception from my antenna.

30 yrs ago i had the old fashion antenna put on a telephone pole and it was still fuzzy. we went from the big satelite to the small one and now i cant afford to pay for tv.i would like to get my locale news channels and programs.i dont want to pay for reruns because when i did i watched and paid for my locale stuff.can anyone help me?i need to watch my locale news.thank you,


The Graveyard Shift
Go here:
TV Fool

Put in your exact adress (the final report wont tell it to us - no privacy issues, but essential for a good report).

Put in the exact height you plan to mount your antenna at (or is already at).

Post the web address for your report on your reply post.

Let us know if its inside, in the attic, or on top of the roof. And if there are any obstructions and the direction of them from its location. Trees, buildings, the house itself (if your antenna isnt right up to)

Let us know what kind of antenna you are currently using if you know the model, if it is really old, or has been exposed to the elements, you may require a new one.

I (or someone else), will compile the information, and give you a rough idea of what you can expect to receive with an appropriate antenna, and how to go about it, if you need more help :)