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I have recently switched from AT&T Uverse to DirectTV. I now have (1) HR54/700 DVR, (2) hardwired boxes, and (1) wireless box. I have Uverse 50mbs internet/phone with 5268AC router (?). The HR54 is internet connected via 5G wireless. As are 3 iphones, 3 ipads, and 2 laptops (one of the laptops is connected via 2G-not 5G capable).

AT the time of the installation, I asked the technician if the wireless internet connection to the HR54 would be sufficient or should it be somehow hardwired. He said the 5G would be as fast as hardwired (which I find hard to believe).

When I try to do on-demand content, I frequently get the buffering interruptions. I absolutely NEVER had this issue with my Uverse TV and only a 24mbs internet connection.

I am not a network guru, but I have to believe that there is a way to hardwire connect the HR54 to the internet AND that it will be faster that way.
1. Am I correct in this assumption? Was the tech incorrect or just unwilling to do the necessary connection?
2. If it is possible to hardwire connect, how is it done? Is it something that needs to performed by DirectTV? By Uverse?

Please keep in mind that I know just enough about this to be dangerous
I have tried to read some of the forum posts and only understand about half of the terms, so please keep any answers as simple as possible for an old coot.
If this is the best I am going to get with the DirectTV, I am going to be a very unhappy camper.

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