Has anyone else been a victim of this Amazon / Direct TV scam? - DirecTV

I received a phone call from a man who said his name was Walter Francis and that he was calling from Direct TV/AT&T. I didn't think anything of it, because it popped up as Direct TV on my cel phone (I have their main line programmed in my phone). "Walter" said that Direct TV/AT&T & Amazon were doing a promotion in which select customers could lower their monthly bill by paying 4 months of service in advance with an Amazon gift card. He explained that Amazon was subsidizing Direct TV/AT&T customers because they wanted to advertise/promote their gift card services. I was suspicious, so I decided to ask him some questions to make sure I was actually speaking to Direct TV. I asked him for my account number, he gave it to me correctly. I asked him my last bill amount, he gave it to me correctly. I asked him my last payment amount (which was different from the bill amount), he gave it to me correctly. He also recited my home address and obviously knew my phone number, so I decided it must be Direct TV. My mistake. "Walter" offered me a great deal, saying that I could lower my TV/internet bill down to $74.99 per month and get free movie channels for two years. The way to get the promotion was to pay 4 months of service in advance with an Amazon gift card. Stupidly, I believed him and I gave him a $300 Amazon gift card number. After hanging up, I started thinking about what just happened and became uneasy about it. I called AT&T's main phone number and asked them if they knew anything about this promotion, they did not. I called Direct TV's main phone number (the same # that "Walter" had supposedly called from) and they said they knew nothing about it. They explained to me that it was definitely a scam and they are in the process of escalating the case to the fraud dept. I haven't heard from the fraud dept yet. I told them that their systems had clearly been hacked because "Walter" had all of my Direct TV information and it was not information he could have gotten from my trash can because I have only had Direct TV for a few weeks and have only received 1 bill which is sitting on my desk and does not detail any payment details because I had not yet made a payment at the time the bill was issued. I also called Amazon and explained the situation. Initially, they told me they would lock down the gift card and investigate it. Today, I called again and they said that the account that claimed the gift card had been closed down and they would have to escalate the issue to their investigations team, who is supposed to call me back. They told me that the name on the closed account (which claimed the gift card) was Orlando Rodriguez. I also tried to call "Walter" back on the phone# he gave me (888-772-9628). When I dialed it, an automated voice came on the line stating it was Direct TV, but when I tried to enter any option, it disconnected me. When I had talked to "Walter," he told me his employee ID number was WF75899C. He transferred me to "David Hobs" to make the payment and he said his ID was DV441C.

This question, "Has anyone else been a victim of this Amazon / Direct TV scam?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


I just got a call from them selling this same promotion. Stuck me as to good to be true so I looked up the same number and your post. Definitely not getting a card and call In. Thank you for posting!


They are slick but be warned

Just got the same call and they knew a lot about what I was paying.
They originally said they could reduce my bill by 25%.
I corrected them about the amount I was paying and suddenly they offered to reduce the bill by 50%.
All the alarm bells went off in my head.
They wanted me to get an Amazon gift card to cover the first six months of the new price but they rounded up the amount.
More alarm bells.
Then they gave me an authorization code and this phone number to call with the Amazon gift card number.
The first guy said I had to do this by 10:00 PM to get an additional $100 visa card as a thank you.
The second guy kept saying 11:00 PM
I asked for an email to confirm this offer but they skirted around that.
If you don't start the call, the promotion is a fake.
Never buy, commit or subscribe on any call you did not start!



I got the same call but I was offered my plan to be lowered to $59.99 per month for 2 yrs but I would have to pay in advance $300. I used to work as a fraud claim specialist at a bank and even tho the call came from the DTV Cust service number I've had saved to my phone for years it seemed too good to be true. Called the regular customer service for DTV/AT&T and was told that they are not running such promotion and that they would never ask por payment of months in advance. I was told any special offered by them would continue as a monthly billing and not a certain amount in advance. Called the 888 number and Damian insisted this was a branch from AT&T/DTV Created to prevent any confusion or inconvenience to the customers. The scary part is that he was able to confirm all my account, address and billing info. The one and most important part that made me doubt was the fact that not once he asked for my security code to access my account, which DTV/AT&T always asks before being able to review my account. Thank you for posting this and hopefully you'll get your $300 back.

Scanned too

I was a victim too.. 25 Sept 17 Same scenario, only this guy said his name was Chris Monroe, he knew that I was a long time customer and stated that this promotion was for longtime customer like myself..They are very convincing.. Do not Fall for it even if the call is from Dtv number 800-531-5000. I blame Directv ,because they are well aware of this scam, since December 2016 and are not doing anything to inform customers. It's seem as directv is not concern. I was told that someone from the fraud department would contact me within 72 hours. He contact me and asked me to give him a statement.. I started to give him a statement then I realize that he called from the Same direct tv phone # that scammers used so I asked him to how do I know he is from directv . He seem as though he got frustrated and told me to put a password on my account and hung up..