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After resisting upgrading our DirecTV for years, I gave in and we got a HR54 system 2weeks ago. I am hating it.
The biggest problems are that it responds slowly to commands if at all, I can't watch sports in fast forward, it has failed to record shows (and no they weren't on demand or repeated), and the search feature is lousy.

Let me explain that I have always had TiVos. We got DirecTV at this house in the mid 1990s and got out first DirecTiVo just after that. We have been upgrading our non-DirecTV TiVos over the years but out DirecTV was stuck on series2 SD. I didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars and a monthly fee for something they keep ownership of.

My husband wanted to upgrade and I gave in. Now I am stuck with a system that isn't really better than streaming. The installer broke our old dish/tap so that I can't reconnect my old receivers without buy a new set up. If I buy a THR22 it will connect to the new dish.
Is the THR22 a proper TiVo or does it suck too?

I don't care about whole home DVR or on-demand. I want a DVR that works. It must respond to commands quickly, it must be able to find stuff in its guide and record that stuff correctly, it must playback the recordings with watchable fast forward and rewind, it must change channels correctly, and it must buffer play pause rewind and fast forward when I am watching live TV.
In 2weeks the Genie has failed all of these tasks.

So now I have to decide if I spend the money on a THR22 or just use OTA and streaming.
If anyone knows of the Genies getting fixed, I would be interested. I don't understand how people put up with them.

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