Have any of you women used HairInfinity Viatmins Before, I have a few concerns?

I am considering ordering some Hair Infinity vitamins. But I am a little bit skeptical. One female friend of mine said that she used them before and they work great. She said the only thing that I couldn't do is relax and or perm my hair. Being a African American women , it's kind of hard not to use perms on my hair. I naturally have thick hair, nice and full, but absolutely thick. Honestly I have destroyed my hair texture even worse than what it is when not maintained from all the dyes and perming back to back , not giving my hair enough time with each product. Which each product should be used at least 6 weeks apart, I believe or a couple of weeks. May not even be that long. Anyhow, my hair use to be long until I destroyed it and decided to go with the shaved on one side , short hair on the other side and shaved all in the back look. I felt like pulling off a Rihanna or Cassie. Its a phase I go through every couple years. I get tired of my long hair and want a complete change.

Now, I want to get back to my long hair. As I look at others hair and miss the loveliness of having longer lengthened hair. Which I was able to do a lot of different styles and really didn't need weave, even though I used to weave it anyway. Now , I am serious about taking care my hair. I plan on either taking up cosmetology, learning how to do hair from watching different tutorials on websites like youtube or even teaching myself. I might have my cousin who has taken cosmetology to use her certificate to get a dummy head for me, that way I can practice like I used to do when I was younger. Now I wish I would have continued my practicing hair when I was younger rather than giving up. Then, now I could be making money doing hair or trying different styles in my sons hair. He has long hair for 9 month old baby and it's so curly and thick. Right now his hair is in box braids or individuals as some people call them because that's all I know how to do in terms of braiding proficient . But practice makes perfect. At least he is my child and I can try things in his hair without worrying.

To jump back on topic, I have a few questions.

Do the vitamins really work like they say?
How long did it take for you to see improvement?
Would you recommend the pills to anyone?
What didn't you like about the vitamins?
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