Have you been hearing about 4K TV? No need to rush out and buy one.


I do remember that. I do see that pro video camera companies are moving ahead with 4K and higher cameras. Let us wait and see how it shakes out. :)

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Have you been hearing about "quad sound"? I certainly remember when it was all the rage. Same difference.
I still have audio on a single-track cassette tape from the "Quadraphonic Happening" that was transmitted around 1978 on KIRO AM, FM-Stereo and TV, featuring The Buffalo Springfield and others. The 'front (right-left) channels' were on FM (stereo) and the 'rear channels' were the audio from AM radio and TV. Not exactly ideal because to 'experience' is correctly, you had to hack the audio of your TV set to have a speaker in a corner at the back of the room, unless you put your TV set behind you and looked at it in a mirror. Major FAIL!



I'm not so sure this is a fad.

Theatres are already using 8K, Sharp has an 8K Ultra HDTV.

I'm sure they are working on 16K.
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AM Stereo... KOGA Ogallala, NE was one of the first AM Stereo stations. It was going to be like what color had been to TV. 1080i... 4K... can't tell the difference even on the 70" LED. 4K is a CEA pipe dream!!! Die off already Gary!!!
The review does make a good point...for the "slight" improvement in quality over existing 1080 technology, what is the consumer's "need" for the 4K TV? Unless you are one who just wants the latest greatest technology, maybe not too much of a draw. Now, if they become the "only" option for us as the entry pricing settles down, then I might just go get one. If not, I'll continue to enjoy my 2012 LED 50 inch until its worth my while to purchase.