Having issues Bridging XB3 Wireless Gateway - XFinity


I self-installed my Xfinity Triple Play equipment last night, and everything went flawlessly except for the Wireless Gateway (XB3). Actually, it worked fine until I got everything activated and tried to throw my personal router into the mix. I spent several hours last night, and all day today working on this and can't get it to work.

I have put the XB3 into Bridge Mode, and have set my personal router to pull the WAN IP via DHCP. No matter what I do, my router will not pull the WAN IP from the XB3 Gateway. I take that back...it worked for a little while last night. Then I had to move some equipment around, and when I plugged it back up, cannot get it to pull the IP ever since.

I talked to someone via Chat Support today, no luck. Spoke with someone on the phone earlier this evening, and no luck.

I have reset the Gateway to default settings (held the reset button on the back) as well as defaulted my router many times. I am positive everything is hooked up correctly (WAN/Internet port of my router to port 1 of the Wireless Gateway). I am at my breaking point and don't know what to do now. I have had Xfinity in the past with this router and had ZERO issues at all. Granted, I had a double play package with a SB6121 modem since I didn't have voice service. I am beginning to really hate this Xfinity Wireless Gateway.

Is there anything I may be missing? Side note...when I leave the Gateway in standard (non-bridged mode) and connect my PC or laptop directly, it connects just fine. Bridge Mode...not so much.

Are there any Xfinity/Comcast techs that can take a look at my account and see what may be configured incorrectly or could be preventing the Gateway from handing out an IP to my router? Is there a full bridge mode that my modem can be put into that may be different than setting the "Bridge Mode" setting through the user interface?

I have the Extreme 250 package and when viewing the authorized list of modems on the Xfinity site, I do not see any standard voice/data modems that are compatible with this package. Is this list correct? If possible, I'm sure this would be MUCH easier with a standard voice modem as I do not need a wireless gateway for my needs.

Thank you in advance to everyone, for any assistance you can provide.