having problems installing Service pack 1 for windows7, come to here


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i had a problem installing the service pack 1 for windows 7 and well i spent the whole evening trying of installing without any result , i got an error of invalid data


executed the solution that proposed the installer an nothing still the problem

for solve the problem

try the following

first disconnect all the USB devices if want keep your WI-FI USB adapter

two uninstall a software that you be running and was originally for windows XP in my case i had installed the html generator for windows xp that to me do not worked in the windows 7 OS and uninstalled the Winamp application and proceed to install again the service pack 1

the result was a successful installation of the service pack 1 for windows 7

was reading the possibles solutions and noone solved the problem so decided remove windows xp nativelly applications that was i running in compatibility mode.

i kn ow many can be having headaches with the service pack 1 of windows 7

hope this post be useful to somebody

best regards